Funny Kids Short Stories:By Brenda

Funny Kids Short Stories:By Brenda

Funny Kids Short Stories

When I was younger I always enjoyed looking at the comic section of the Sunday newspaper. I got lots of laughs from the comics, now that I think about it, this was my first memories of pure laughter from reading.

I can remember early on a Sunday morning running to get the newspaper off of the front porch and taking the string off of the paper to get it unrolled. It was with great anticipation that I opened the paper and pulled out the comics. I was very excited laying on the floor reading the comics and laughing out loud.

The short stories that I am about to share with you are from different experiences that I’ve had in my life.

Kids say things that are so innocent and so incredibly funny that you can sometimes “bust a gut” laughing. I hope that at least one of these stories will make you Laugh Out Loud! LOL

Short Story #1

A young 6-year-old girl named LaNae had a tooth loose for about a week. Finally, the tooth fell out she was really excited because she had been wishing that it would fall out for days. She rushed into her mother’s bedroom to show her mom that her tooth had fallen out.

LaNae’s mom told her to place the tooth on her dresser. She did as she was told and left the room to go and watch TV. A couple of hours later LaNae returned to her mom’s room. Her mom was laying across the bed fully engulfed in a telephone conversation, but out of the corner of her eye she spotted LaNae sitting on the floor like an Indian playing with her tooth. She was throwing her tooth up in the air with her left and catching it with her right hand and vise versa for about 2-3 minutes. When her mom got off of the phone she asks LaNae where the tooth was? LaNae said that she lost the tooth. Thun….Thun….Thun. LOL She could not find the tooth. She and her mom searched for the tooth for quite some time but were unable to find it.

The next morning LaNae and her mom got up and did there morning rituals before leaving the house for the day. At the end of the work day when LaNae and her mom got home, and her mom opened the front door LaNae shot up the stairs like someone was chasing her. Her mom yelled out to her asking why she was in such a hurry? LaNae told her that she was checking to see if the Tooth Fairy had left her some money under her pillow. Her mom promptly reminded her that she had lost her tooth last night. She then told her mom that she had left the Tooth Fairy a note. Her mom looked at her like, you know that Scooby Doo look. You know the look. Thinking what is she talking about? After she showed the note to her mom was amazed.

Letter LaNae Left For The Tooth Fairy

The note was on the back of one of her mother’s business cards. The note read: “I lost my toof in my mom’s room. Pleas leave me sume muny” Exactly like that! Her mom could not believe what she was seeing. It was the funniest think ever. Who was this little girl? How did she think to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy after losing her tooth? Who does this?

New day, new adventures. LaNae’s mom took the note left for the tooth fairy the night before too work the next day. None of the women at her job could believe what they were seeing. Everyone just as amazed as LaNae’s mom. They were asking her mom how could someone so young think to do something so creative, as this?

Letter From The Tooth Fairy

One of the lady’s decided to write a note back to LaNae as the Tooth Fairy. She used beautiful work stationary and wrote LaNae, I heard that you lost your tooth a few days ago and left me a note. I received your note and am I leaving you some money. With Love, The Tooth Fairy.

This was on a Friday and LaNae’s mother had an impromptu happy hour at her house on this evening. A few of the ladies that came over for the happy hour had not heard the story nor seen the note. When LaNae’s mom showed the women the not to the Tooth Fairy and the note from the Tooth Fairy everyone had another good laugh.

Happy hour was a blast. LaNae’s mom found out the next morning exactly how much of a blast that it really was when she heard LaNae flying up the stairs, once again. She told her mom that someone had broken into their house. Her mother sat straight up in bed asking why she was saying that? LaNae said that the Tooth Fairy had left her a note and it said that she had left LaNae some money but the money was gone. Her mom immediately remembered that she had left both notes out on the sofa last night after showing them to her friends.

She then told LaNae to go and wash her face and brush her teeth. LaNae’s mom promptly went downstairs and hid $5 under the pillows of the sofa. When LaNae came back downstairs her mom told her to look under the pillows really good and if the money was not there she would call the police and report it. Whew…….she really had to think fast.

Hope you were able to LOL!

Short Story #2

A 3-year-old young boy named Blair. Blair’s mom was reading a very scary book, entitled Helter Skelter. After she first open the book the first page read: “The Story in Which You Are About to Read Will Scare the Hell Out of You”. This was not a lie. It talked about the people in the Manson Family breaking into peoples homes at night and changing their furniture around. They called it creepy crawls. Now it that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

One morning when Blair’s mom got up she discovered Blair’s blanket and pillow that was in his crib the night before was now in the living room. She was freaking out, thinking that someone had broken into their house and moved Blair’s things into the living room. Remember she had been reading the book Helter Skelter and it had sent her imagination out of control. She kept telling her husband that she thought someone had broke in and he kept tell her that she must be going crazy.

Later on that week she just happened to pass by Blair’s room and caught him getting out of his crib. He was able to climb to the top of the crib and turn himself around and get out of the crib by landing on the bed that was beside his crib. So, Blair’s mom was not crazy. Blair had made the perfect escape from his crib at the worst time ever for his mom. She had been reading a horror story and her mind was working overtime.

It was really funny after the mystery was solved, but before that I was horrifying.

Short Story #3

A few months after the Helter Skelter debacle Blair’s mom had got him up in the morning so that they could take his dad to work. When Blair got up he went straight to the bathroom. Him mom was training him to properly brush his teeth and wash his face. She allowed him to do it by his self. He stood on the toilet and brushed his teeth as good as he could. She then let him wash his face off with a warm towel. He did a horrible job washing his face, so she sat him down on the toilet and attempted to clean the eye boogers out of his eyes. The only problem was that he would not open his eyes for her to clean them. He had his eyes closed so tight that he had wrinkles.

She was getting a little impatient with him and finally she asked him to open his eyes wide so that she could see what she was doing. He looked up at her with his eyes squinted and asked her “Can’t you see with your own eyes?”

I thought this was hilarious. Made me think of the article in Reader’s Digest entitled: Kids Say The Darndest Thing’s.

Short Story #4

A 4-year-old girl named Tene. Tene’s story is not so much funny as it is adorable. Tene had only been attending daycare for about 2 weeks and she loved going to school every morning. It took her no time at all to become very popular at her daycare. Each day when her mother picked her up from daycare she would ask her how her day was and what she had done that day? Each day she would have really good stories about what she had done.

One day when they got home and got settled in she went to use the bathroom. When she was done using the toilet and she got off of it, she said so innocently and so sweetly, almost singing “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”

Her mom overheard her and said it just melted her heart and made her smile really big!


I really hope that you have had a LOL moment while reading this post.

I know that everyone has a story. What's Your Story

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