Helping Others

Helping Others

Why Do People Help Others?

Helping someone gives me an instant feeling of happiness. I have a peaceful feeling of contentment.

In order for us to help someone we first have to recognize that there is a need for help. Have you ever been in the store and someone is searching for something and you just know that they need help? Sometimes it maybe an elderly person or it maybe someone who is very young. It does not’t matter who it is, but have you ever stopped to help? Or are you that person in the store talking on your phone and having no awareness of the things going on around you?

Almost everyone has heard the question of What Would Jesus Do? What would you do? Are you the person that walks past someone who needs help or are you the one who stops to help?

Acts of kindness should be a part of our daily life. Humans are happier when they do things for others without expecting anything in return. The next time you are visiting someone in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility stop by and visit with someone else who maybe in the facility all alone. Just stop in and say hello. Sometimes others don’t have anyone to check on them. I’m certain that it will make their day and I know it will make yours. Always smiling.

We help other’s because it is in our human nature.

Helping feels good.
Always smiling.

  • We help others because it helps with our emotional well-being
  • We help others because it gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction
  • We help others because it makes us happy
  • We help others because helping other’s improves our social interaction
  • We help others because It distracts from our own problems

Studies show that helping others decreases stress and can even be contagious. Plus the bible tells us that we are to help one another. Remember my question WWJD?

What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. James 2:14-17

Teaching Our Children To Help Others. Always smiling.

We must first teach our children about being respectful in doing so they develop positive relationships with their family, friends, teachers, peers and associates for a lifetime. You know the old saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do?” That applies to your children more than anyone else. They are looking at you and emulating you. Are you treating them with respect?

Then we must teach them about kindness and the golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Visit or call a community center, library, school, or local church, or non-profit organization to participate in a charity event of fundraising activity. Try volunteering at a place where your child have interests. Say for instance if you child likes dogs maybe volunteer at your local ASPCA. If they like playing games volunteer at a nursing home or assisted living facility and they can go and help during games time. They can help the elderly with their games and children are known to be performers. Before you know it your child maybe a rock star at the facility

Teach them chores, I had chores as a young child. My first chore was setting the table each day for dinner. My father made me think that my chore was the most important thing to do in the whole household. He made me feel that if I didn’t set the table that we would not be able to sit down and eat dinner. Therefore, I thought that dinner could never be served unless I set the table. In my mind I thought that I had one of the most important chores ever. It gave me a real sense of pride even though I knew nothing about pride at the time, but it made me feel important. Once when I came home late from school and my Aunt TD had set the table I had a break-down. I just kept crying and saying that’s my job. LOL

Teach the children to say please and thank you and how to offer kind words to others and to share. Let them know that if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all. Make sure that they know not to deliberately do or say things to hurt others. Always smiling.

My son and daughter-in-law have taught their daughter Kendall to donate gently used toys and clothes to the needy. She has been doing this since she was around 3 years old. Now, it is something that she does automatically. Make sure that you take them with you when you go to drop off the donations. Take them through the entire process of donating all the way to the end.


If you choose to volunteer don’t forget to smile. The most important thing to remember is that everyone has a story. If when you go to volunteer to a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or sharing with the homeless on the street and you find someone who wants to share a story……listen! Listen intently to their story. You will likely find out how they got to the position that they are currently in. You may be surprised to find that what happened to them could have happened to you. It could easily be in their shoes, but God. Acknowledge their stories. Simple actions can have a major impact……..on you.

My Helping Story

Once in the mid 70s my girlfriend Sissy and I were going from Corpus Christi, Texas to visit our other girlfriend Mary in Houston, Texas. We were going to a concert to see Lou Rawls and Natalie Cole. We left Corpus about noon. My husband and I had just bought a new car. It was a yellow with a black hood Chrysler, Cordoba. It was really nice. When Sissy and I set out on our trip that day we could have never imagined what an eventful trip it would be.

We drove for about an hour and a half and all of a sudden the car started to become hard to steer. We pulled over on the side of the road and discovered that there was a flat tire on the drivers rear side. Me being the independent woman that I was got everything out of the trunk and changed the tire.

A young man pulled up behind us and ask if he could help us and I confidently told him, no thank you, I just finished changing the tire myself. As he was pulling off I began to let the car down off the jack and the joy and confidence that I had displayed only moments earlier instantly turned into doom and sadness. The spare tire was flat as a pancake. There were no beepers, pagers, or cellphone in existence at that time. And if you don’t know what a beeper or pager is: Google it. LOL We had no option but to start walking. But just as we began to walk a man came along in a truck and asked if he could help. We didn’t want to ride with him so we asked him if he could take the tire to have it repaired and bring it back to us. He said yes and we gave him $20 and the tire and he left to get the tire plugged.

It had been about two hours since the man had left with our tire and we made the decision that he probably had just left us hanging and he probably wasn’t coming back. We started to walk to the next city which was Alvin, Texas it was about 3 miles away. We walked for about a quarter of a mile, we could no longer see the car.

And as it is common in Texas someone else stopped to help us. It was an older Hispanic couple. We were Leary about accepting the ride but we had little choice. They had a really old car and it only had two doors. Oh my goodness Sissy and I were discussing our defense before we got in the car. Once the lady opened her door and let us in the back seat we felt that we had very limited options if something was to go wrong. We soon discovered that the man only had one hand that gave us some comfort, but when he popped the 8-track in and the gospel music started we knew everything was going to be alright. LOL

We gave the couple $20 when we got to Alvin, Texas for helping us. I guess we were helping them as much as they had helped us because the people working at the service station that we were at had the man driving the car to pull his car up into the garage and they began working on his car.

I purchased a used tire and rim from the service station and waited patiently for the couple to get finished with their car repairs so that they could drive us back to my car. While waiting, I remembered the telephone number that was on the side of the truck that had originally stopped to help us. I found a pay phone and dialed the number. A young lady answered I told her who I was and gave her the story about how her husband having left with my tire earlier and had not returned. She instantly said that he had called her and told her that he was helping two ladies on the side of the road. I told her that he never came back. She said that there had been a wreck and he stopped to help the people in the wreck and that was what was delaying him. This man was like a hero!

Needless to say when we got back to my car the original tire (fixed) was left by my car with a note explaining his delay and he even left the $20 that I had given him. Like I said a hero.

We finally made it to Houston and we made the concert. Quite a day. A day of kindness all the way around.

Please stop and do something kind for someone today! Make today a better day for someone else.
Always smiling.


Brenda G Ellison

Please leave me a note in the comment section below of an event where someone stopped to help you.

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  1. Brenda, thanks for stories and the reminder to always give a helping hand. It’s so easy these days to rush around and forget to listen to others. But simply by stopping for a moment and asking how we can help can make a big difference in someone’s life.

    • Thanks Kelsey,

      It is so easy for us in this busy world to not even think of other’s but for those who do their lives are much fuller. The more we help other’s the better life is for us.

      Thanks for the comment.


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